Welcome to The Making of Stan Laurel website Published in June 2011, by McFarland. The Making of Stan Laurel. Echoes of a British Boyhood is available worldwide as a book (ISBN 978-0-7864-6312-1) and as an ebook (ISBN 978-0-7864-8515-4) Stan Laurel, the man, lived in the USA. Stan Laurel, the boy, lived in the UK.   His fascinating family background gave him an intimate introduction to the theatrical   world and he grew up determined to dedicate his life to making people laugh. This ground-breaking book examines his family, boyhood years and struggle to establish a career in the theatre and then in films. It describes his pivotal roles   both behind and in front of the camera and how his boyhood experiences are echoed   in many Laurel and Hardy films.   Stan never forgot his boyhood. He returned home when circumstances allowed.   Friendships forged in his early years lasted a life-time and he remained in touch with his British family and friends until his death.   Read the book? Click on the tabs above to find out more.  Not yet read the book? Click on the tabs above to find out why you should!  Want to look at my Facebook pages for the book? Click here     Home