Comments        Comments Jeffrey Holland (perhaps best known for his role as the yellow-coated comic in the TV series Hi-De-Hi) I have just finished reading your book and I was overwhelmed! You have packed in so much information about Stan's early years that I now feel I grew up with him! It was obviously such a labour of love for you.  Willie McIntyre (Bowler Dessert) I really enjoyed reading this book. It says just what it says it will and answers a few important questions about Stan’s background and family. It draws upon some other books, but also questions a few myths in them. It uses the author’s personal knowledge of north-east England and its history. And it presents a cohesive appreciation of Stan Laurel’s worth in the history of the cinema and music hall. The theme of exploring Stan’s childhood and teenage years is closely followed throughout the book and never becomes too fanciful. Texas Pete Shovlin (composer of the song Letter from Stan) Absolutely great. David Tomlinson (Beau Hunks, Nottingham) Thank you for such an interesting and well written and thought out book. Your book, I know, fills a definite gap in the L&H market. Your own personal thoughts/background and your knowledge of the local social history offers immense value. Julian Thomson It's unputdownable and a right riveting read. Looking forward to the next one. AxelS (posted to the Laurel and Hardy Forum) Got my copy yesterday and read the first part and flipped thru the rest ... It’s definitely a MUST. Alessandro (Block-Heads, Italy) I hope you will enjoy my review of your very good book! I enjoyed ‘The Making of Stan Laurel’. It’s well researched and covers some aspects I didn’t know much about.